Happy... cough... New Year!

Bonne Année! And yes we all began 2018 sick...

Jesh and his siblings 25 years ago.
As Christmas approached and french classes finished for the holidays, we decided to make a trip to Scotland. My (Jesh's) family had spent a year when I was a child and  I had long been awaiting an opportunity to return. 

During my time there as a child, I had many memories of living in a small shepherd cottage, attending a one room schoolhouse, working on a sheep farm and making many Scottish friends. I would say it is the highlight of many childhood memories – I have nothing but positive memories of that time. Living in that rural peaceful place has shaped who I am today.

So we packed our car and began the over 1600km trek - driving. Yes you read correctly. Driving was definitely not Julie’s first choice of transportation but we did find a Starbucks along the way. She figured the savings from driving should equate to the occasional Starbucks drink.

We stumbled on Vimy Ridge and reflected on our proud Canadian heritage in World War I.

Did you know that there are 28 Costcos in the UK? A Thiessen road trip would not be complete without a Costco hotdog and fountain drink and thankfully we were able to continue this tradition.

My family's longtime Scottish friends who run Greenhope Bed & Breakfast were very hospitable despite us being quite ill with colds and coughs during our entire stay. 

We were welcomed with a blanket of snow and being Canadian, this brought great joy to our kids.

What a treat to stay at Greenhope cottage, the same cottage (now renovated and expanded) that my family lived in 25 years ago.
View from Greenhope 25 years later.

As I reflected on my many childhood memories, I was struck by the fact that my parents took many risks including selling their successful business, shipping a few possessions overseas and moving to a new country and culture. I do recall living humbly but this didn't negatively impact my memories of this time.

As my children witness abundance and poverty in many countries and cultures in 2018, my prayer for them is that would be that they would be continually shaped for God’s purpose and that their memories of these times would purposefully contribute to who they will be and what they will do.    JESH