There Goes Our Bedroom Set...

Literally, as I type this out.... there goes our bedroom set! Another item sold and another happy Kijiji customer. Sometimes when I think too hard about what we are doing and where we are going I wonder if what we are doing is crazy! Like selling all our stuff, giving up a well paying job, fundraising for finances and moving our family across the world. Moving a family across our globe is no small undertaking. It involves a sequence of decisions in a calculated manner and preparing for the unexpected.

One of those decisions was saying good bye to my truck! I loved my truck. It was powerful, 4wheel drive, leather and I was definitely not embarrassed to drive it. Not that I am embarrassed to drive our minivan with 16 cupholders (none of which are empty) and a box of cheerios strewn throughout the interior but there is something about a man and truck!...  It had moved us from Calgary to Yellowknife, Yellowknife to Calgary, Calgary to BC, BC to Ontario and Ontario to Indianapolis. We parted ways this week...just one more thing needing to make way for the mission. We have written a lot about stuff in our last few posts and this is probably because it is a lot of work to get rid of it! At first it seemed like we would miss many of our things but as more and more stuff is gone, we are feeling more and more free and less tied down.

In some ways our life is becoming more and more simplified but in others it is becoming more complex. When it all seems overwhelming, I think back to the many prayers that have been answered and the many small steps of faith that have got us this far. God is faithful. And when I don't know what to do I am reminded that "if any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him." What an amazing promise that applies not just back then but also today.

And to add to the list of prayers answered, the shipping container containing our things arrived at Kibuye Hope Hospital this week! Our bins will now sit for a year waiting for us to arrive. Thank you for the many prayers and financial contributions that assisted in getting some things we will use and appreciate to the heart of Africa.

By Jesh