Top 12 Things I Have Learned In My Surgical Residency:

#12 The God of the bible never guaranteed a risk free or easy life.

#11 Prov 3:5-6 is a great way to relieve stress.

#10 Beside every great surgeon is an army of nurses/allied health workers.

#9 Sometimes people just die no matter how hard you work to keep them alive.

#8 In heaven I will be unemployed.

#7 When not to operate is harder to learn than when to operate.

#6 Sleep is just like any other necessity, it can be disciplined, rationed and forgone when needed.

#5 My most precious commodity to give my wife and kids is time.

#4 Perfect surgery does not compensate for arrogance.

#3 Every patient is made in the image of God.

#2 I can't make people feel better if I don't understand their suffering.

#1 If people are made in the image of God, you better know what you are doing when you operate on them.

By Jesh