That's How to Pack a Shipping Container...

Last week we drove our bins and a few other items to Indianapolis, where we met some of the members of our team to load the shipping container. Our stuff looked small compared to what was waiting at the warehouse!

The first of multiple aisles overflowing with goods
that will be put to use at Kibuye.

There were more then 3 aisles full of personal and medical supplies that people from the team, University and hospital had been collecting to get onto the container. I think we all wondered what would need to be set aside in order to get it all in!

The first job was to sort boxes and organize bins for the families that weren't in the country but had ordered things to the warehouse. The ability to do that was such a gift, thanks to the Free Methodist World Ministry Centre (and Amazon - oh, the things you can buy online!)

If you look closely at the back right, there's where
Kai spent much time hanging out - literally, he kept
a close eye on everything from his Jolly Jumper!

Next, the guys built a false floor above the two rows of bins. This was then able to support all the equipment, furniture, building materials, and large items.

Every space was well-utilized, even if that meant tucking books in every nook and cranny. It was amazing how much those guys fit in! And after a good game of tetris, there was even some stuffing space left. Easily filled with a quick trip to Costco...

Three days and about 200 man-hours later, it was packed up to begin the long journey to Burundi!

Some of the families will see there stuff by summer, but for our family, we will be waiting until we finish our language training. Sometime in 2018 we will get on the ground in Burundi, and once again see some of our very useful and wonderfully familiar items.

I hope there's some chocolate chips left by the time we make it there!

By: Julie