Let the Packing Begin!

Well, hard to believe but we just got word that a shipping container will be heading out to Burundi in early 2017. We had thought we may get some things on a container going out in 2018, as there's usually one that goes every couple years. But this latest info means we're starting to pack NOW! We will plan to drive a trailer to the site in Indianapolis where the container is in early 2017. Jesh has been mocking my endless lists for months already, but this time they are proving to be very useful!

So, what do we even bring?

The good thing is my lists began over a year ago when we were last in Burundi with our family. Hurray for being over-prepared! Those 3 months gave me some ideas of what we can and cannot get in the country, and what is really valuable in enabling us to make a home there. It's tricky to think ahead as to what we will need in 2018, and what clothing sizes the kids will need until 2020, but it's better to plan ahead as most things are really difficult to find there. It's not like there's a Walmart!

So, last weekend we began the sorting - starting with our books! It will be such a joy to have some of our things there when we arrive, and to know that we won't have to pack pyrex dishes and a pot set into our carry-ons:)

What makes the cut? Well, that depends on who you are talking to:) Here's my list so far:

Most are items I already have, and will just borrow or thrift what we need for the remaining time we are here in Kingston. Although without Netflix, we are going to be thrifting for some DVD's and shows to send!

It gets a lot more real now that we are officially packing!